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Cupcake Boxes

Cupcake Boxes

Everything you need to pack, store and gift your cupcakes and cakes .

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12 Plain Corrugated Cupcake Boxes


24 Plain Corrugated Cupcake Boxes


Santa & Reindeer Cupcake Box


White Glossy Cupcake Box


Retro Cupcake Box


‘pourquoi ne pas confirmer ce gout’ French Cupcake Box


Cupcake Shop Box


Flower Shop Cupcake Box


Multi Striped Cupcake Box


Traditional Festive Cupcake Box


Patisserie Cupcake Box


Set of 3 Round Cake Tins


Pink Hearts - Set of 3 Cake Tins


6 Plain Corrugated Cupcake Boxes


18 Plain Corrugated Cupcake Boxes


Santa & Reindeer Cupcake Box


Hello Kitty Cupcake Box


Toile Cupcake Box


Polka Dot - Set of 3 Square Cake Tins


Pirates Lunch Box


Union Jack - Set 3 Cake Tins


We supply high quality cupcake boxes, cake tins, regular cake boxes and accessories. These items will help protect and decorate your cakes, sweets and other confectionary. Our decorative boxes are fashioned with extremely beautiful designs, which will definitely brighten up your kitchen, living room or even your dining room. We also supply cupcake cases, which like our other items are beautifully designed and made. All of our boxes our perfect for taking to picnics and even make a great a gift for someone special.

Our boxes all come with lids to keep your confectionary safe and with cake holding trays. Our cake tins are also a very popular choice, with their strong tin shell your contents will be very safe and secure. The cake tins are also beautifully designed. We are more than confident that our cake boxes are what you are looking for and you will love our selection. Both large and small all are beautifully designed and very well made.