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12 Plain Corrugated Cupcake Boxes

• Boxes are easy to assemble.
• Removable cupcake insert tray.

24 Plain Corrugated Cupcake Boxes

• Our largest corrugated cupcake box, holds up to 24 cupcakes.
• Perfect for transportation and can easily be securely stacked.

Santa & Reindeer Cupcake Box

Our stylish Santa and reindeer cupcake box, a Christmas favourite cupcake holding box.

White Glossy Cupcake Box

• White glossy cupcake box for holding and displaying up to 4 cupcakes

Retro Cupcake Box

Retro cupcake box with a flashy design and a clear window, plus a carrying handle!

‘pourquoi ne pas confirmer ce gout’ French Cupcake Box

Length: 200mm
Width: 130mm
Depth: 75mm (+45mm handle)

Cupcake Shop Box

A bright and vivid cupcake box with a cupcake shop design and pink dotted walls.

Flower Shop Cupcake Box

Our best-selling flower shop cupcake box with a lilac and white striped pattern top, complete with a green ribbon.

Multi Striped Cupcake Box

Striped cupcake box with a round front window, silver ribbon and gift tag perfect for any occasion.

Traditional Festive Cupcake Box

Our well designed festive cupcake box, with a traditional red and green Christmas theme.

Patisserie Cupcake Box

A patisserie design cupcake box for christmas, birthdays and other occasions. Comes with a ribbon and tag attached, holds four cupcakes.

Set of 3 Round Cake Tins

Set of 3 Round Cake Tins

Dimensions in full description.

Pink Hearts - Set of 3 Cake Tins

Pink Hearts - Set of 3 Cake Tins

Full dimensions in description.

6 Plain Corrugated Cupcake Boxes

• Corrugated cupcake box made from strong, sturdy cardboard.
• Holds up to 6 cupcakes, easy self-assembly, reusable design.

18 Plain Corrugated Cupcake Boxes

• Strong, sturdy boxes made from corrugated cardboard.
• Ideal for transporting storing or stacking your cupcakes.

Santa & Reindeer Cupcake Box

Santa Clause and his trusted reindeer, the most recognised and loved Christmas icons, printed onto one of our cupcake boxes.

Hello Kitty Cupcake Box

Our pink and white hello kitty cupcake box perfect for birthday occasions and gifts.

Toile Cupcake Box

Our toile cupcake box, features a striking design with two windows and a stylish gift tag.

Polka Dot - Set of 3 Square Cake Tins

Polka Dot - Set of 3 Square Cake Tins

Full dimensions in description.

Pirates Lunch Box

Emma Ball - Pirates Lunch Box

Length: 195mm
Width: 97mm
Height: 153mm

Union Jack - Set 3 Cake Tins

Union Jack Design - Set 3 Cake Tins

Full dimensions in description.
Grid List 21 Items

We supply a range of cupcake boxes in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Whether you require corrugated, stackable, coloured, patterned, small, windowed or even giant cupcake boxes, you will find it here in our online superstore.